Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Challenge #181 (Happiness & H2O)

It's been another lovely week in the Pacific Northwest, and there's much to be happy about! This week's diva challenge declared water as the inspiration:
Sometimes it's nice to break down life into its essentials- water, food, human interactions- and this week reminded me of how wonderful water can be. Thus, my tile was inspired by a quote from Loren Eiseley about magic and water. My tile focused primarily on the quote and I chose simple patterns/borders to accent, rather than bold and detailed like I normally prefer. It was pleasant to use a blue highlighter this week for color pops! A little color goes a long way :)
As for other life essentials, like human interaction and companionship, I've had a very fulfilling week:
I got pedicures with some lovely ladies that I rarely get to see
And I went on a date with my main stud to a cute little restaurant by the waterfront.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy the little things!