Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge #180 (Summer+Plaid=Awesome)

Hello and how-do-you-do? This week's diva challenge is a UMT (use my tangle) called "MacDee":
We all experience plaid on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY if you live in the Pacific Northwest, so it was especially fun to play around with this plaid-looking tangle! It had several variations to it, so I decided to play with sepia pens, white pens, and sharpies. I don't know if I LOVE the overall look of my first attempt, but I would certainly use this tangle in the future! MacDee would be SO fun with gel pens or black tiles :)
Last time I posted, I was on my final leg of vacation so here's a little look at some of my end-of-summer activities:
I visited painted cows in Wyoming
I visited 8 new CrossFit gyms in different states
I supported some of my STUD MUFFIN friends at a CrossFit competition in WA
I am accepting the fact that my hair is now too curly to straighten *tragic sigh* ;)
And I have been enjoying the sunny days of Washington at the dog park with my boys
That sums up my summer fun! Now we prepare for fall! Have a nice week everyone ✌️