Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Challenge #178 (Travel & Tangle)

Hello and welcome to this week's blog, brought to you by me- Kailey McEvilly! In fact, this week's challenge from is inspired by my initials: KM.
The challenge was to use two tangles or create a "duotangle" from patterns starting with your initials. Because of this, I chose one of my favorite tangles, "Munchin" for the M and a new tangle (to me) that appears to be a variation of Munchin- "Knot Rickz"- for the K. I love that they fit together almost seamlessly, and I tried to break up all the lines with hatching and sepia tones.
I also had fun tangling with my lovely cousins and mom while on a family road trip to the Midwest. We stayed in Omaha, NE briefly with family and were able to create with some aspiring tanglers! Here's a product of the afternoon fun:
Here's more recap of my vacation adventures:
My family at a much-loved Mexican restaraunt, crowding around a matador-funeral painting
Adventureland baby! And it was HOT
Me, my brother and his girlfriend, Alex, visiting one of the many CrossFit boxes- everyone is SO nice :)
The tangling afternoon with cousin, Piper- she is extremely talented and you will be seeing more of her!

Happy tangling!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Challenge #177 (Vacation sensation)

Well hello! I know I said I was going to finish my blog last week but I ended up just posting the art because...I'm on a ROAD TRIP! whoop whoop! 
This week we have a fun new tangle to try from CZT Caroline Broady of Tennessee:
I actually remember this tangle because I was in the CZT 11 class with Caroline! Now, my tangleation here came out a little whacky because my initial curve ended up having loops and such. It also ended up a little strange since I decided to tackle the challenge in the CAR! Have to so something on the way to Nebraska ha ;)
As I said, my whole fam damily is on vacation to the Midwest and are trekking from Missouri to Nebraska now. Here are some of the exciting action shots from the vacation thus far:
Have a killer week! Enjoy your loved ones ❤️

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Challenge #176 (Life Blood)

Brought to us by the diva challenge, this week focused on using a beverage to accent our tangles!
Here's the coffee-only tile:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Challenge #175 (Fireworks & Freestylin')

Yo yo yo! Hope all of you had a FANTABULOUS 4TH! This week's diva challenge featured an extra exciting new tangle to try from Henrike Bratz
I don't normally do the "diamond-style" tile, but I thought this new tangle- "Crux"- deserved something unique. Granted, my picture came out a little yellow (its actually on a Renaissance tile), but I like the oriental, textile flair of the finished product.  Henrike Bratz did a really nice job of listing all kinds of unique variations to this tangle so be sure to give it a try! Though it resembles several other patterns in the tangle arsenal, I believe this one easily stands alone.
Ok, so I found this awesome project in which you are sent a sketchbook and once you are done you send your completed book back to the company and they basically make a LIBRARY OF SKETCHBOOKS. I know...too cool...
Here's my first page (above=with shading, below=without shading yet)
I actually pasted some tiles into the book and voila! Texture!
For all you Zentangle/doodle/drawing/whatever fans, this is an awesome way to share your art! Get started at or check out what others have done at!
As I said, I hope everyone had a truly festive Fourth of July! I had a great beginning to July, in which I was able to spend quality time with my favorite human/non-human boys! RECAP:
Fourth selfie- on the way to a social gathering with Luke :)
Finnegan's ears stood up this week! He now looks like a little elven fox-coyote <3 And beware the slumbering Mo. Or shall we call him the little polar pup.
Finally, an excellent 4th workout with the gang at Imperial CrossFit! (I'm the sneaky one in the shadows to the right- working on my ninja skills)
Thanks for reading and (pretending) caring!!! ;P