Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Challenge #174 (Have FUN)

Hello fancy people! I hope all of you have enjoyed a beautiful summer weekend and are ready for a GREAT week! This week's challenge focused on multiple "strings" for our tangle creations:
I definitely have a tendency to focus on organic monotangles, so this week I broke it down into more structured, grid-like tangles. I decided to use some of the classics like "Crescent Moon" and "Knightsbridge." This week challenged how I traditionally approach my diva challenges but I am happy with the outcome :)
Also...I had a really FUN (stressful, but fun) weekend!
I drove to Portland with my two pups to attend a CrossFit Level 1 course to become a CrossFit trainer. I don't know if/when I'll coach, but I have so much fun meeting new people and I really enjoyed seeing all these fitness enthusiasts from all over (p.s. ignore the Honey Buckets lol):
While driving, I heard some excellent, throw-back 80's songs which reminded me to: HAVE A FUN WEEK!
Ha, oh these songs....
I hope all of you remember to take some time for yourself or your family or both for this celebratory weekend! Don't forget to be goofy with all those you care about :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Challenge #172 (A little here, a little there)

HELLO world! I have missed blogging this last month and am ready to be back in action! As always I am inspired by the iamthediva challenge each week:
This week's "Auraknot vs Mooka" duotangle challenge is a fun combo of two complex tangles. Mooka is known as a difficult tangle to master and I am still working on it myself. I am happy with this combo overall and felt like the patterns left a lot of room for creative shading and embellishing!
As for being MIA the last month, this is what's been happening:
1. GRADUATED COLLEGE. Yup. It happened. Feeling studly in that cap'n'gown
2. Visited Canada! And boy was it B-E-A-Utiful! Loved the Butchart Gardens in Victoria!
3. GOT A JOB. Woot woot. I am going to be a Seattle PD officer and will be entering the police academy this August! It's been a turbulent process but I was picked up by my No. 1 choice!!!!
4. Saw my brother graduate high school! Flew back to Vegas and celebrated another graduation. So proud *sniffle*
5. Rascalling around with these kiddos:
They are a handful but little Finnegan is a great family addition and pal for Mo.
6. Enjoying summertime. It feels like forever since I've been able to not stress about school but now I get to hangout with my boys and unpack my apartment with Luke :) recipe for a great summer right there.