Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge #167 (Divalicious)

Hello all :) This is a special week because we are celebrating the birthday of the diva herself, Laura Harms!
Thanks Laura for the wonderful challenges each week that inspire me to keep my creativity alive among stress and school.  I hope your birthday is fun-filled and festive!
This "duotangle" features the tangles, "Well" & "Punzel." I opted for more of a quick sketch this week, but wanted to make sure to include a shout-out for Laura so I incorporated "divalicious" into the center. Though Laura is the best at being the diva (obviously), we could all use a few diva moments every once in a while- Let your sass and flair shine through everyone!
Also, I hope everyone had a magnificent Mother's Day. I am fortunate to have a talented CZT as my mom and I wouldn't be the artsy woman I am today without her. I can't wait to spend time with her in a few weeks for graduation - YIPPEEEE!
I was also lucky enough to teach a Zentangle beginner's class to art therapists in Seattle yesterday, and what fun it was to share this method with them! I hope Zentangle can someday be used in therapy practices all over:
Have a great week and spread your creativity!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Challenge #166 (Salutangle- Let's Say Hello)

Hello/Hi/Howdy! This week I want to focus on salutations :)
This week's awesome diva challenge is a UMT (Use My Tangle) created by the diva herself, Laura Harms!  Her step-outs for the pattern can be found on her blog site.  Though she hasn't named it yet, the pattern reminded me of clock gears, so I thought "tick tock" might be a fun name!  
I was influenced to put terms of greeting into my art after an art history class a few weeks ago.  If any of you are familiar with the artist, Ernst Kirchner, then you would know that his art was made during a time of political unrest in Germany. The piece that impacted me was, Street Dresden, an oil painting about crowds of people in which all are still alienated or nameless. 
Street Dresden, Erik Kirchner, oil on canvas, 1908
And I think this hit home.  How many poeple do we pass each day without a second thought or glance?  How many times are we among a sea of strangers but feel totally alone? After thinking about this, I decided to challenge myself (and everyone else) to start saying hello to people we pass by.  Or strike up a conversation while in line. Or even just give a smile to a serious passerby.  Sometimes little "hello's" are all that is needed to brighten a day :)
Finally, I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful wishes from last week's blog. I am a very lucky girl lately and I am grateful for all the support! I even gave my final presentation for my Fine Art degree last week and feel like a HUGE weight is lifted off my shoulders. I hope all of you find happiness in your weeks and months and years!