Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Challenge #161 (Puzzles and Peeks)

Good morning/afternoon/evening readers! Thanks for making time to take a gander at my site :)
This week's diva challenge involved the tangle "Quandary":
Opting for a more simplistic design this week, I took the tangle's name to heart and concluded that I don't know what the best way to draw "Quandary" is either.  There are so many fun options with this tangle and I have used it in my own tiles and even in my larger woodcuts and lithographs. Like Laura, I don't believe that the triangles or segments need to be perfect! I wouldn't have been able to shape it into a "?" if I had made them all perfectly even/symmetrical. Nobody's perfect, nobody's art is perfect, and if we are all a little less hard on ourselves art becomes wayyyyy more fun :)
This Friday is show time for my solo show with my friend, Rachel, and we are starting to freak out....just a bit. Or a lot. Or a TON. Since I gave you all a preview of this piece a couple of weeks ago, here is the full version that will be framed for the show. The pieces is 20.5 inches wide by 33 inches long. I have four other lithographs that measure the same size. I can't wait until next week when I get to show you all of them!
Happiness to all! Have a splendid week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Challenge #160 (Zootangle)

Hellooooooo everyone! There's finally a little sunshine in the Pacific Northwest and I'm soaking it up! Makes for some great inspiration too:
This week's challenge involved SPIRALS.  We were supposed to use a spiral string, but I decided to interpret my spiral a little bit loosely and a little outside the box. Mainly because this week's challenge serves a dual purpose for me. Like Laura, I signed up for an ATC (artist trading card) deck swap due VERY soon. And for some crazy reason, I chose to draw an animal on each and every card (53 total) the end of my senior year of college...while working on capstone...I'm crazy.  But I'm loving the results. I thought I'd share a random selection of my Zootangle deck:
This has been a huge challenge for me because I'm A) a perfectionist B) have no time, and C) didn't start soon enough. But I'm determined to finish and I will! ASAP!
Also, THANK YOU for all the lovely birthday wishes! I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate two birthdays in one week! Mine and my beautiful friend and housemate, Amanda's.  Below I posted a couple pics from the extravaganzas :)
Have a great week!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Challenge #159 (22 Reasons I am Happy)

Hello! I'm so glad to share this wonderful day/week with you because I LOVE St. Patrick's Day! The challenge this week focused on doing something for this Irish holiday, so I decided to give a glimpse of one of my finished capstone pieces:
Remember the Chinese style woodcut I was working on before? Well here it is, finished, with a color lithography plate behind it! Perfectly fits with this week's theme...though the green is actually brighter in person! I have been working rigorously on my capstone, and am happy to say I am ALMOST DONE! I have some exciting and challenging new work that has really expanded my comfort zone. Here is one more snippet of one of my pieces, which uses two color lithography plates layered:
Talk about BOLD. 
I also turn 22 today, and wanted to list 22 things/people that make me happy in my life today (not in order from greatest to least):
art, mom, dad, Chase (bro), printmaking, Luke (bf), Mojito (my dog), CrossFit, reading, psychology, art history, grandparents, cousins, coffee, running, friends, Washington, PLU, blogging, tangling, school, yoga
...and I have oh so many more!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Challenge #157 (The Odd & Imperfect)

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, depending on when you read this!
It's a bit of a dreary week here in Washington, meaning there's no reason not to draw inside today:
This was a fun challenge brought to us by This week's Zentangle challenge featured a Charlie-Brown-inspired tangle from Erin Olsen, or The Bright Owl. What a zany tangle! I decided that I would try all the variations Erin offered and boy was it fun! I admit, I had a hard time not getting lost in my patterns this week, but am very content with the overall outcome.
No update on police stuff this week, but I DO have a teaser poster for my senior capstone show! I will be having an art show with my lovely friend, housemate, and fellow printmaker, Rachel Teahan.  
This poster is in no way complete and will probably be changed, but the date and times are true which means...OMG OUR SHOW IS GOING UP IN ONE MONTH. One of the best parts for all you tanglers, is all of my art that will be in the show are ZIA's in black&white lithography, color lithography, or Chinese-style woodcuts.  Stay tuned for more.