Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Challenge #156 (Patience)

HELLO WORLD! Things are happening around my neck of the woods but I'm not too busy yet to miss a weekly challenge:
This challenge was a nice little reminder that I need to use more grid tangles! I definitely gravitate towards anything organic, but working on structure is just as important.  Grids help add depth and dimension to my artwork, and is a good reminder that I need to practice more patience.  I tend to rush things, but these make me draw slower than I normally would.
Also, great news! I have now passed 2 oral boards for law enforcement officer positions! I hope this means I'll get a job as a police or patrol officer this year, but good luck and prayers will hopefully go a long way. Patience is not my strong suit but now all I can do is wait. Thanks for the support and well wishes of everyone who has kept up with my posts. 
Have a fabulous, fun-filled week :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Challenge #155 (Leave some room for me)

Hello fellow internet browsers! This week is about SPACE.
The challenge from focuses on leaving white space rather than filling an entire tile with tangles. I have done several dream catcher inspired works of art and have always loved that the "net" of the dream catcher is a strong focal point. I decided to make this piece dream-catcher like with my white space being the "net" area. Though sometimes white space leaves the feeling of emptiness or something unfinished, in art it can be a relief for the eye.  With so many beautiful patterns, it's important to give the viewer a reprieve. These words of wisdom are often reminded to me by my wise printmaking professor as I try larger and larger ZIA pieces.
Also, this challenge is a small reminder to me that leaving space for activities or even rest time is key for success and sanity. As a student with a crazy schedule, its easy to get caught up in cramming my day, but down time, or SPACE, for oneself and for enjoying time with others is important.  So thanks diva for not only an art challenge, but a personal challenge.  Bit things are happening lately, but with a little room for me-time, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Challenge #154 (Valentangles & Valentines)

Hello and welcome to a LOVEly week :)
As you all know, this Friday is Valentine's Day! Admittedly, I'm not one for gushy, mushy romance, but the diva challenge this week called for some Valentine inspiration:
Rather than hearts, I primarily focused on a variation of the tangle "Diva Dance: Rock'n'roll."  I wanted them to look like roses.  Also, I am SO excited that I found a sketch book that was fated to be mine. At the beginning of the year, I chose a word for the year: FLOURISH. Lo and behold, my university book store had this sketch book (with pages the color of renaissance tiles) just waiting for me!
I thought this was pretty swell and will probably be doing many of my weekly challenges on the lovely printmaking paper within it.
As Valentine's Day approaches, I will give a shout out to the people I love most in the world:
To my mom, dad, and brother, thanks for loving me despite my weirdness.
And thank you mom for the beautiful card (I love having a tangly family!):
To Luke, who makes my stress-filled, over-committed days seem doable. Thanks for putting up with me:
& finally, to my pup who loves me unconditionally, even when I get mad at him for eating all of my kleenex.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Challenge #153 (Big beginnings)

Helloooooooo everyone! I'm happy to be doing a little de-stress artwork this week with the new tangle, "Jailed Johnny" by Sadelle Wiltshire:
I decided to play around with some different materials for this week's iamthediva challenge.  This is only the second time using a Renaissance tile and I quite enjoy the look of it.  I also am playing around with the sepia pens and like the stark contrasts of colors.  Though difficult to see, I tried adding some white highlights with a white gel pen, but may need to try for a more dramatic effect next time.
In terms of life: I never thought I'd say this but I am ready for school to start up again!  This month off of school as been anything but a vacation with police tests each week and planning for my art capstone (senior project).  I can't wait to be finished with school and am still reeling that this is my LAST semester of college.  Real world starts SOON (aghhhhh!)