Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Challenge #148 (Keep calm & tangle on)

Hello beautiful people! It's getting close to Christmas, and the diva's challenge made me think of...
A Christmas Story!
I love this movie (I hope you have all seen it) and every year my family watches it. I chose one of my favorite lines, "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID."  I didn't use too many tangles on this one and my rough sketch of Ralphie is, well, rough, but I still think it captures the spirit of one of my favorite holiday moments.
PS the image didn't come out very big, so if you click on it you can see it closer ;)
Also, because it is close to Christmas, this means FINALS....gross.  So how do my housemates and I destress on a Friday night? Happy Hour!
Mmmm a rare moment of fun in this busy season!
My final thought will be a shout out to a new artist I found named Jee Young Lee who creates breathtaking dreamscapes out of her studio.  If only I had a studio to create some of these scene (yeah right).
Here's a couple examples of her work:
I hope all you have a wonderful week and enjoy some excellent holiday festivities!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #147 (Seeing new angles)

I hope all you lovely people had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving filled with family and fun!
Mine was full of rest and relaxation (and procrastination), but now its back to business:
I loved the new tangle, "Boo*Kee" from Laura Harms of  Her new tangle used the step-out template that was just released by Rick and Maria, and was a funky take on a tipple-like pattern. I opted to go more geometric for my first try and liked the very angular feel of this pattern. I even took a leap and used a gel pen on black (gasp!) which I never am adventurous with ha!
Also, thanks to my blessedly wonderful printmaking professor, Craig Cornwall, I was able to get my lithograph printed before my break started.  He allowed me to use his private studio because, of course, I can never make art in a conventional size.
We printed in black and color for variation, size: 35 in x 22 in:
 Part of what I love about Zentangle is the versatility of the drawings and tiles, including which direction you look at each artwork.  I even enjoyed the art in the fire-red we printed in, because it adds a new element of emotion that I wanted for this piece.

I hope you all have an artful and joyous week! Enjoy your December :)