Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Challenge #142 (New Challenge, New Tangle!)

Welcome to another beautiful week! I don't know about you but it's getting chilly around here and I'm finding myself cozying up more and more...which is great for art making!
This weekly challenge is brought to you by
This week's challenge was about entering the "danger zone" and expanding the limitations we ourselves put on our art.  We all do it- we fall into a routine of art making that is comfortable to us.  Everything about this week's tangle was out of my comfort zone.
  1. I don't often use parameters and set strings.  I'm more of an organic, monotangle sort of girl.
  2. I made myself use only structured patterns.  Grid-like patterns are starkly opposite to my flowy, organic tangles I usually turn to
  3. BLACK TILE: I never use them!
  4. White pen: I usually always prefer very bold, black pens so this took some adjustment
  5. Gel pen...I can honestly say I have not used this pen since the CZT seminar.  

Overall, I am not the biggest fan of the tile, but it certainly helped me see that I need to start expanding my horizons a bit.
Speaking of trying new things...AQUAFLEUR IS SO MUCH FUN!
I really enjoy this new tangle from Rick and Maria is a hit, and I'm even featuring it in my new printmaking project, a lithograph using a fountain pen and ink. Pictures soon to come...
Have a marvelous (and cozy) week!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Challenge #141 (Design Diva!)

HELLO beautiful people!  Here comes another fun challenge from
Last week I learned patience with pointillism...that wore off by this week! Admittedly I did not take as much time as I normally would, but I like the bold pop of red.  I am usually all about shading but this week I went for cleaner lines with a more simplistic flair.  I enjoy the tangles "fengle" and "quandry," with "fengle" allowing for so much creativity!
Funny enough, I use these same two tangles in my woodcut which is IN ITS FINAL STAGES.  My goodness I am ready for this piece to be carved.  It has taken about 50 hours + of carving and will take another 20 more to print, but I am so pleased with how it has turned out.  Though I do not like the small mistakes in places, my professor reminds me to "let it be a woodcut" and appreciate the unexpected design the wood will create.
I will be printing this by next week (fingers crossed) and hope to show you all the outcome!
Finally, I added my graphic design portfolio to the tabs at the top of my page. Check it out if you have some free time.
Have a marvelous week everyone :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Challenge #140 (Dots, Docks, and Dumbbells)

Well hello there!
This week I learned about PATIENCE.  
This week's challenge from had to do with dots...and lots of them!  This technique, known as "pointillism" is essentially a picture entirely comprised of tiny dots and nothing else.  I added shading to mine, but primarily had to focus and take the time to "jot it out."  I am not sure where the arrows came from, but I like the organic feel of this monotangle (sort of).  I think the chaos of the arrows mixed with organic flow creates a balanced piece.
In other news...
This weekend I competed in The Bacon Beatdown, a big CrossFit competition in Seattle.  It was definitely a learning experience (being my first one) and I am ready to let my body rest for a wee bit.  I had amazing support and am grateful for my awesome CrossFit family. 
Here was the view from our location (the Puget Sound is gorgeous!):
Here's a pic pre-workout (we looked a little bit rougher as the day went on):
And here was the little team logo I made for our petite team (I was the tallest at 5'3"):
I look forward to seeing your creative ideas! Have a swell week :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Challenge #139 (Ink, Wood, and Mud)

Feeling the diva in me today so I'm back for another challenge!
It's always fun to learn a brand new tangle and this week was no exception.  This tangle, "8's Parte Dos" was brought to us by Jane Eileen of I messed up SO MANY times on this, but I worked with each mistake and feel like I produced something a little wacky, wild, and whimsical. Next time I might go for a bit more structure but I'm happy with my first attempt.  I also tried for a more dramatic shading today to really bring out the contrasts of the pattern.  
As for my woodcut update, here's my progress!
Slowly but surely I'm making my way.  I just have to not think about the hand cramps!
On another random note, the 2013 Seattle Tough Mudder was AMAZING! Such a fantastic experience with my friends from CrossFit 138.  If you ever have a chance to sign up for something that pushes you to your limits (and teaches you what a stud you really are) then I encourage you to do it!
There's my ramble for the week :) Have a good day!