Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Challenge #148 (Keep calm & tangle on)

Hello beautiful people! It's getting close to Christmas, and the diva's challenge made me think of...
A Christmas Story!
I love this movie (I hope you have all seen it) and every year my family watches it. I chose one of my favorite lines, "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID."  I didn't use too many tangles on this one and my rough sketch of Ralphie is, well, rough, but I still think it captures the spirit of one of my favorite holiday moments.
PS the image didn't come out very big, so if you click on it you can see it closer ;)
Also, because it is close to Christmas, this means FINALS....gross.  So how do my housemates and I destress on a Friday night? Happy Hour!
Mmmm a rare moment of fun in this busy season!
My final thought will be a shout out to a new artist I found named Jee Young Lee who creates breathtaking dreamscapes out of her studio.  If only I had a studio to create some of these scene (yeah right).
Here's a couple examples of her work:
I hope all you have a wonderful week and enjoy some excellent holiday festivities!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #147 (Seeing new angles)

I hope all you lovely people had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving filled with family and fun!
Mine was full of rest and relaxation (and procrastination), but now its back to business:
I loved the new tangle, "Boo*Kee" from Laura Harms of  Her new tangle used the step-out template that was just released by Rick and Maria, and was a funky take on a tipple-like pattern. I opted to go more geometric for my first try and liked the very angular feel of this pattern. I even took a leap and used a gel pen on black (gasp!) which I never am adventurous with ha!
Also, thanks to my blessedly wonderful printmaking professor, Craig Cornwall, I was able to get my lithograph printed before my break started.  He allowed me to use his private studio because, of course, I can never make art in a conventional size.
We printed in black and color for variation, size: 35 in x 22 in:
 Part of what I love about Zentangle is the versatility of the drawings and tiles, including which direction you look at each artwork.  I even enjoyed the art in the fire-red we printed in, because it adds a new element of emotion that I wanted for this piece.

I hope you all have an artful and joyous week! Enjoy your December :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Challenge #136 (well-ness, praise, & thanks)

It's a lovely week to be thankful, especially for the upcoming holiday! 
This week's challenge is a duotangle:
Today we had to use the tricky tangles "Pea-nuckle" and "Well," neither of which I am particularly familiar or confident in.  I had never tried "pea-nuckle" before and it was a tricky little tangle to incorporate. I admit that I should have let it shine a bit more in this tile but I was cautious while using it.  In order to hide the parts of the "s" that I didn't use, I made them into circles.  As for "well," I had fun with it today.  I tried three different variations and it didn't trip me up like it did when it was first introduced (part of the reason I haven't used it since). Overall, this was a great challenge to test some patterns I am not confident in and I think the effect wasn't too bad overall.
For more news on my art life:
I just finished the design of a new project!
This is a lithograph on an aluminium plate, drawn with ink using a fountain pen.  The fountain pen gave me SO MUCH grief but I pulled through in the end.  Unfortunately the glare off the plate makes it difficult to see all the detail but I will be printing this design on paper very soon and can't wait to see how it turns out!
Thank you to everyone for the kind, well-wishes for my art show!  It was such a success and I received "honorable mention" for my 8 ft. piece.  Here are a few pics:
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Challenge #145 (New Tangle, New Opportunities!)

Well isn't it a lovely week?!  Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this blog.
We have a new challenge and a new tangle!  Introducing QUIB:
I loved this tangle and the number of artsy directions the tangle can go in.  I looked through the examples Rick and Maria posted and really liked the dramatic examples from Rick.  I even thought a fun color pop would really highlight the organic flow of the pattern and the scale-like effect of "flukes" turned my "quib" into an aquatic style artwork.
Also on the topic of artwork, all four of my submitted pieces were accepted into the art show at my university! Hooray!  There are only two art shows a year for students so it is competitive gallery space.  I am very excited to have my etchings, photographs, and drawing featured.  
Below is my 8ft x 4ft piece, "Once upon a midnight dreary:"
This isn't the greatest photo of it, but this is all sharpie on masonite board.  Funny enough, this piece was created pre-Zentangle, but I think it fits right in with all the patterns depicted.  This piece is about dreams and nightmares.
Have a swell week and I wish you all success and happiness!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Challenge #144 (Creepy Crawlies, Cuddly Critters, and Cupcakes)

HOWDY!  It's a beautiful week in mid-November and I hope you all aren't freezing yet.  This week we explore the land of bugs!
In response to the challenge, I opted not to draw a cute bug, but rather a dangerous bug. Being from Las Vegas, I grew up seeing these scary Black Widow spiders all over the place.  I love pops of red and the emotions that are connected to it.  In this case, red means STAY AWAY.  I also took my tangles back to the basics with "Crescent Moon" and "Hollibaugh," and love their web-like effects.  This was a fun challenge for playing with color, adding images to the tangle, and exploring tangles that I now consider to be "easy" (see, how snooty that sounds?). Let's see what bugs YOU come up with now...
Also, I feel like introducing my snuggly pup, Mojito.  This little man is my pseudo-child and he is exceptionally happy that I have resurfaced the heated blanket (which he has claimed). He is one year old, likes long walks at the dog park, and will do just about anything for a carrot.
And finally, I am SO HAPPY to have finished my 8-week paleo challenge!  This was my second year on this challenge and it was trying to say the least. However, the support and fantastic results/confidence earned by members of my gym helped me through.  I decided to reward everyone by making these fabulous chocolate, gooey "R.I.P. Diet" cupcakes :)
I hope you all enjoy your week and most importantly, make some art!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Challenge #143 (Cruze'ing, Printing, & Trick-or-Treating)

Hello my fellow Zentangle/art fans!  This was another enjoyable weekly to-do from i am the diva
This week the challenge involved the tangle, "Cruze" created by  This tangle could work as a border, a monotanlge, or a filler pattern, and allowed for versatility and creativity.  I actually have "Cruze" in three different sections of my tile, can you find them? It's also very unlike me to add color, but I appreciated the Celtic look of the knotty tangle so I added a vibrant green for flair.
Moving on to other activities of the week...
Too bad this one was only a test print.  I have some kinks to work out but overall am excited to keep moving forward.  Since I have to hand print each one, it will take me a LONG time.
Also... happy belated Halloween! I channeled Zentangle and Day of the Dead and opted for a little sugar skull pizazz.  I hope all of you dressed up and had a great time. 
Have a wonderful beginning to your November!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Challenge #142 (New Challenge, New Tangle!)

Welcome to another beautiful week! I don't know about you but it's getting chilly around here and I'm finding myself cozying up more and more...which is great for art making!
This weekly challenge is brought to you by
This week's challenge was about entering the "danger zone" and expanding the limitations we ourselves put on our art.  We all do it- we fall into a routine of art making that is comfortable to us.  Everything about this week's tangle was out of my comfort zone.
  1. I don't often use parameters and set strings.  I'm more of an organic, monotangle sort of girl.
  2. I made myself use only structured patterns.  Grid-like patterns are starkly opposite to my flowy, organic tangles I usually turn to
  3. BLACK TILE: I never use them!
  4. White pen: I usually always prefer very bold, black pens so this took some adjustment
  5. Gel pen...I can honestly say I have not used this pen since the CZT seminar.  

Overall, I am not the biggest fan of the tile, but it certainly helped me see that I need to start expanding my horizons a bit.
Speaking of trying new things...AQUAFLEUR IS SO MUCH FUN!
I really enjoy this new tangle from Rick and Maria is a hit, and I'm even featuring it in my new printmaking project, a lithograph using a fountain pen and ink. Pictures soon to come...
Have a marvelous (and cozy) week!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Challenge #141 (Design Diva!)

HELLO beautiful people!  Here comes another fun challenge from
Last week I learned patience with pointillism...that wore off by this week! Admittedly I did not take as much time as I normally would, but I like the bold pop of red.  I am usually all about shading but this week I went for cleaner lines with a more simplistic flair.  I enjoy the tangles "fengle" and "quandry," with "fengle" allowing for so much creativity!
Funny enough, I use these same two tangles in my woodcut which is IN ITS FINAL STAGES.  My goodness I am ready for this piece to be carved.  It has taken about 50 hours + of carving and will take another 20 more to print, but I am so pleased with how it has turned out.  Though I do not like the small mistakes in places, my professor reminds me to "let it be a woodcut" and appreciate the unexpected design the wood will create.
I will be printing this by next week (fingers crossed) and hope to show you all the outcome!
Finally, I added my graphic design portfolio to the tabs at the top of my page. Check it out if you have some free time.
Have a marvelous week everyone :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Challenge #140 (Dots, Docks, and Dumbbells)

Well hello there!
This week I learned about PATIENCE.  
This week's challenge from had to do with dots...and lots of them!  This technique, known as "pointillism" is essentially a picture entirely comprised of tiny dots and nothing else.  I added shading to mine, but primarily had to focus and take the time to "jot it out."  I am not sure where the arrows came from, but I like the organic feel of this monotangle (sort of).  I think the chaos of the arrows mixed with organic flow creates a balanced piece.
In other news...
This weekend I competed in The Bacon Beatdown, a big CrossFit competition in Seattle.  It was definitely a learning experience (being my first one) and I am ready to let my body rest for a wee bit.  I had amazing support and am grateful for my awesome CrossFit family. 
Here was the view from our location (the Puget Sound is gorgeous!):
Here's a pic pre-workout (we looked a little bit rougher as the day went on):
And here was the little team logo I made for our petite team (I was the tallest at 5'3"):
I look forward to seeing your creative ideas! Have a swell week :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Challenge #139 (Ink, Wood, and Mud)

Feeling the diva in me today so I'm back for another challenge!
It's always fun to learn a brand new tangle and this week was no exception.  This tangle, "8's Parte Dos" was brought to us by Jane Eileen of I messed up SO MANY times on this, but I worked with each mistake and feel like I produced something a little wacky, wild, and whimsical. Next time I might go for a bit more structure but I'm happy with my first attempt.  I also tried for a more dramatic shading today to really bring out the contrasts of the pattern.  
As for my woodcut update, here's my progress!
Slowly but surely I'm making my way.  I just have to not think about the hand cramps!
On another random note, the 2013 Seattle Tough Mudder was AMAZING! Such a fantastic experience with my friends from CrossFit 138.  If you ever have a chance to sign up for something that pushes you to your limits (and teaches you what a stud you really are) then I encourage you to do it!
There's my ramble for the week :) Have a good day!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Challenge #138

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog :)
I have been busy, busy, busy, but I couldn't resist another "i am the diva" challenge!
This week was all about BORDERS....which I love!  I'm a little obsessive about embellishment so I thought this week was a fun, relaxing, de-stressing activity.  I definitely tried to harness inspiration from little patterns around me and these were the objects that caught my eye: pearl necklace, door knobs, windows, and mirror frames!  I am happy with my outcome and will try to make more borders around my tangles in the future!
Also (if you choose to keep reading):
I updated my "Featured Artists" page. Click the link on my blog and you will see some of the wacky and wonderful artists that I take inspiration from.  A few of these include my talented, artsy friends, like Rachel Teahan, Jaeda Reed, Morgan Knowles, and Amanda Petersen
Finally, I thought it would be fun to post a few examples of the work I do OUTSIDE of Zentangle.  If you saw last week's post, you might have seen my woodcut I am working on.  Here are a few more:
 This is my "totem" etching
This is a photo-illustration (one of three to win recognition as a Semifinalist in the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards)
Finally, this is a drawing that was silk-screened.  This is featured on my business cards and is pre-Zentangle!
Thanks for reading and a have a swell week!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Challenge #137 (+ woodcut beginnings)

Well happy autumn everyone!  It's time to cozy up inside and do a bit of tangling.  This week we had a duotangle challenge from the lovely "i am the diva" blog.
For this challenge, the idea was to create a tile using two of the simpler tangles: "Knightsbridge" and "Tipple."  Despite their simple designs, these patterns can create complex imagery with depth and movement, making this a fun challenge for shading and 3-dimension.  Mine was simple in design, but I love the boldness of "Knightsbridge" and I'm always a fan of circles.  
On a different note, I am a printmaking student and have been trying to incorporate more Zentangle designs into my fine art.  I opted to try this in woodcut fashion, using the traditional Chinese woodblock carving style to achieve this.  My first attempt at incorporating tangles into woodcuts was this summer and the effect was actually more successful than originally anticipated (view here).  My next attempt is more ambitious, on a piece of wood roughly 26 in by 30 in.
Here is the design:
 Here is the progress so far!  You can see all the light sections where I have been carving:
I will be making a separate blog post for this soon, but I thought I would share my next project!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Challenge #136

This week is all about COLOR
Brought to you by
I admit I am not used to using color for my tiles.  I didn't know where to begin. So I drew a green border with marker and went from there!  I like the Dr. Seuss meets tribal vibe that this is giving off, and I went for richer colors for a bolder statement. Rich colors have a similar effect to shading in my mind, and really make the tangles pop.
For other exciting new, I taught my housemates how to Zentangle finally! I live with 7 (yes, 7!) college women + a pup, and they've all expressed interest in this lovely art form.  We just never got around to doing it all together...except for last night that is!  We all sat around our living room table and I taught them a few fun tangles.  This was mine:
All of them were lovely and different!  Let's hope we have weekly tangling from now on!
Finally,  I just started a paleo challenge for the 2013 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge!  This is going to be 8 weeks of strict paleo eating.  I am part of a CrossFit gym, which I am obsessed with, and am excited for some "clean" eating.  I might post a picture or two of some delicious recipes.  Find out more about the Paleolithic diet here.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Challenge #135

Hello! I have my last first day of school today (senior undergrad, yikes!) and decided to give myself a little pick-me-up with "Well."  This is another challenge from!
For this challenge I tried a few different approaches. This new tangle, "Well," from the Zentangle blog, has a ton of variations that allow for lots of creativity, but can also cause a wee bit of confusion! For my first attempt, the tangles aren't done perfectly, but hey, who needs perfect?  I also used an apprentice pen instead of the standard micron to see how I liked it...which I did.  The apprentice pen writes very smoothly and I'm a sucker for dark, dramatic lines.  
Also, I received my Tangle Cards from Sandy Steen Bartholomew this week! More tangles to try!  Because I participated in her Tangle Card Challenge a couple of weeks ago, everyone who entered was mailed a pack of these cool Tangle Cards: 
Checkout my entry for her challenge here.  
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Challenge #134

Alright, everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, but now its' back to business...drawing business!  Here's another tangle for the I am the Diva Weekly Challenge.
Here's my tile BEFORE shading:
 Here's my tile AFTER shading:
Though I actually quite enjoy my tile before shading it, a little emphasis in the corners adds dramatic effect and dimension, especially to this tangle "Beamz."  The futuristic, angular look of the pattern allows for a fun flow that doesn't necessarily need a string because it can effectively work as a border.  I added simple shading to the corners, starting dark in the corner and lightly working out (then smudging with my finger- I forgot my tortillon!).  I then added light shading to the tangle "Munchin" in the center, as well as darkening a few of the lines for a little flair! Enjoy :)
 Also, today I was bored.... I redesigned my iPad mini box!
I had fun playing with a blend of white pen on black and black pen on white. I think it balanced nicely!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gewgle Challenge

Bringing you the final challenge from Beez in the Belfry for Tangle Cards!
This challenge involved the tangle, "Gewgle," which look like strange, googly eyes.  This was a fun, Halloween-esque pattern, and was easy to incorporate as free-flowing additions to a basic string.  For this pattern, especially, shading becomes critical to get the 3-dimensional effect on the eyeball shapes. Though the finishing effect looks more complex with shading, in actuality, I simply put shading in 3 critical areas: corners (note the borders and shapes on right), in the spheres (this is a "c" shape made in each gewgle-y eye), and bordering the shapes (note the shaded haze around all shapes).  I will do a shading demo blog coming soon!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Challenge #133

We have another one!  I love these challenges from
This week's challenge involved the tangle, "Tipple."  I LOVE this pattern, mostly because I love circles and I love shading circles.  This was a fun organic tile that reminds me of lava or amoebas.  This is an easy tile to make very free-flowing, while adding a lot of emphasis and contrast in the later stages.
On another note, I want to give a shout out to my very talented housemate, Amanda Peterson!  Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be involved in a fashion shoot to model the beautiful print and clothing she made a few months ago. Her fashion projects will become big one day, and you can check out her process and work at
Furthermore, the fashion shoot was photographed by the lovely, Jaeda Reed, who's work can be seen at She does it all- wedding, engagement, fashion, maternity, family- and she does it WELL!
Here's a preview of our shoot yesterday: